Gujarat Terce Laboratories Limited, 2021


Packaging Digital Media Brand Strategy Social Media Marketing
Client Brief
  • Gujarat Terce Laboratories Limited wanted to introduce a B2C line of natural health care supplements.
  • A product range that wanted to be positioned as a partner in an individual's journey towards robust health and a nutritious lifestyle. 
  • To create a brand identity that was unique from the competitors.
  • A campaign “Habits That Matter” was developed that designed product packaging, online store website, content, and communication. It was created around the idea that Nutritual does not sell only supplements but also helps you build an overall healthy lifestyle by encouraging consumers to cultivate habits that matter.
  • A 360 degree holistic communication approach was adopted for the campaign for a introduction of fresh new brand.

  • After thorough research on competition and market, brand identity and story were crafted.

  • Results of market research and competition studies were kept in mind while creating product packaging and ranges.

  • Created awareness on social media about the wide range of products and communicated usage of the products through ‘How to’ recipe videos for different products such as stevia-based sweetener,shot in-house.


1) Total reach in social media (from launch till date) - 4,344,874

2) Total Traffic - 40,540

3) Total Orders - 1,285


Gujarat Terce Laboratories Limited

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