Launched to offer an affordable and eco-friendly mobility solution, MYBYK is India’s first shared cycling solution spread over parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Apart from this service, MYBYK also offers long term rental plans to its customer and corporate campus collaboration for B2B clients.

Client Brief

Problem statement
When MYBYK launched back in 2015, they came to us to build their brand from the start. As the preferences of Indians sided with either public transportation and auto-rickshaws at that time, MYBYK was not easily acceptable. Hence, we offered MYBYK a 360-degree solution to build an entirely new road that leads to a strong offline and online presence.


The Zero Approach

When #theideapeople started working with MYBYK in 2014, we knew it’s a long journey for any shared bike-sharing service to enter a common man’s life. It required a perception shift to change their habit from auto-rickshaw/bus to cycling for public transportation. Having tried and worked on multiple campaigns since then based on time and need of an hour. Increasing learning with this brand has been each campaign and communication strategy has given results and learnings that have become brief for the next campaign.

We started “First Mile-Last Mile” connectivity benefits campaigns to highlight “cycling at just Rs 2/ Hour” service-focused sales campaigns.


We have alongside tactical sales and product campaigns created a brand campaign that resonates overall brand philosophy “Get Back To Cycling”. Connecting to nostalgia, fun, health and fitness we are reinforcing a culture shift. To encourage the same we have backed it up with ATL activities like weekly rides and concept rides that bring wider and newer target audiences to experience the brand.. Later, with Ahmedabad’s hot spots like RiverFront, Lakes etc. as a central focus, we communicated about joy rides, tranquillity and health benefits of cycling every day. Through which, MYBYK was established in Ahmedabad as one of the convenient methods to hang out with friends and to stay fit.

After establishing MYBYK as a road down to memory lane, the next goal was to enter the B2B market and bicycles as public transportation. By promoting MYBYK as an eco-friendly, sustainable and CSR activity, we smoothly entered the corporate campuses such as Reliance Industries, Jamnagar, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Alembic Ltd., Vadodara. And as for the bicycles for public transport, we introduced a new venture namely, “MYBYK to Work”. Through this campaign, we increased MYBYK’s app downloads, subscriptions and overall leads.



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