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Client Brief

To direct and produce a TVC and digital campaign featuring the new Nissan Kicks shot in four cities of India. The campaign was to be hosted by star chef (Chef Aditya Bal) and involved two participants each from the city of Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, and Chennai. The concept was to conduct a drive-through in these cities in the Kicks and a competitor car and to display the product features in the real world. 

The campaign was also to be dubbed in regional languages and to be released simultaneously throughout India.

The catch: the entire campaign was to be delivered within a week of production!


The idea was to make a travel show in which people would rate their city depending upon the car they drive.

The show would have an anchor, in this case,  ‘Aditya Bal’ who would travel to different cities and ask two (chosen) drivers in each city to rate their respective city on their driving experience. After their ratings, the anchor would ask them to drive 2 different cars and assign “Driver A” a Nissan Kicks and “Driver B” a competitor car.

They were to then drive the cars in their respective cities along with the anchor who’d change cars after every stop as they drive. The hurdles they maneuver through as they drive were to be used to showcase the capabilities of the Nissan.  At the end of the drive, the anchor would ask each of them to rate their city basis their drive.

The rating of the driver who’s driving the Nissan would increase while the rating of the driver who drove the competitor car either remained the same or worsened.

Similar results were derived in each city.

And at the end of the show, we concluded through the experiential campaign, how driving a Nissan made driving easier, irrespective of the city or the hurdles faced.


6 Episodes (Social), (5 episodes showcasing a city each and one overall Film) + 6 TVCs that went on-air, parallelly.

Cities covered: Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai

The shoot involved featuring 2 Drivers from each city with the same anchor and each city featured a different colour Kicks.


  • Millions of views on different social media platforms.
  • Excellent reviews for the films from partners as well as the competitors.
  • Goodwill in the market as a result of the film.
  • Extensive coverage through PR articles for the execution of the series.
  • We continue to collaborate with Nissan and work on new projects of a similar nature.

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