India Film Project, 2019


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By Word Of Mouth Media
Client Brief

Indian Film Project hosts an annual competition called the '50 Hours Filmmaking Challenge' which requires the participants to think, execute and submit a film in 50 hours. The theme for 2019 was: a ‘Tail of Passion’ for the 'Professional' category. 


The story is a passionate tail of love for nature and Gaura Devi, a woman who was ready to sacrifice her own life to save trees. The idea was to narrate the story through parallel timelines of a modern, socially aware girl who walks in the footsteps of Gaura Devi when nature is threatened. Although the film has tones of reincarnation and rebirth, it still is modern and suitable to the current problems we face as a society of deforestation and destruction of nature.


The challenges we faced were no ordinary, the 50 hours given to us for ideating, scripting, storyboarding, producing and then post producing along with sound mixing were cut short instantly to 40 hours, due the extreme monsoons in Uttarakhand. 

The team operated with very less production capacity given the locations and aspirations and yet completed the challenge and delivered the film in 50 hours.


  • Over 2 Million views on different social media platforms
  • Awarded Gold Film of the Year at IFP
  • Premiered on MTV
  • Special screening at Kala Ghoda Art Festival.
  • Excellent reviews for the films from partners as well as the competitors
  • Goodwill in the market as a result of the film

India Film Project

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