Pugdundee Safaries, 2019

A Trail called Pugdundee

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Client Brief

A Safari Company with luxury properties and trails in the heart of India wanted to create a brand film with three distinct objectives. The first being a film which showcases their property and highlights their product. Second, the ethos of the organization and the values of the people connected with it and finally, letting the world do that creating a truly sustainable business which supports and addresses the needs of the local people is the key to ensuring the survival of both the natural habitat and the local people living in it. 

The message was clear, to show that a win-win scenario is the way forward in sustainable improvement and conversation of the environment and the wildlife.


The film was aimed at not just showcasing the property but to invoke the essence of humanness of the brand, to highlight the intent of the people involved and communicate the impact of such a business venture on both the environment and the local economy. 

The central idea was also to invoke a feeling of nostalgia in the minds of the audiences by linking the experience to Rudyard Kipling’s famous story of ‘The Jungle Book’, so people could come and experience the essence of their childhood dreams in person and connect with nature in a safe manner.


Since so many aspects needed to be addressed and communicated in a single film, our team had to do extra groundwork in order to prepare and deliver the amazing message. The execution required the team to travel to Madhya Pradesh in the heart of the jungle to not just recce the locations to be captured but also, to capture the essence of the trail, i.e., the wildlife and nature.

Long conversations and interviews with the local people, the staff, the wildlife officials and the naturalists gave us the holistic insight into the workings on the ground and amazing work done by the company and its efforts in conserving the environment and their impact on the local economy and people. 

The film was shot over multiple locations and destinations of the brand, covering different properties and different habitats.

The film was then seamlessly weaved together with the narrative voiceover taking us through the journey and showing us the beauty of mother nature with a blend of sophistication.


The film was very well received by the client and was deeply praised by the travel industry for its theme and execution. The film showcased a side of the travel industry that was very rarely highlighted, which not only gave a boost in sales and goodwill but also helped impact tourism as a whole in the region.


Pugdundee Safaries

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