Amul Maharshtra, 2021

Renaming Amul!

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By Wit and Chai
Client Brief

After Amul launched it's regional communication in Maharashtra, they faced a lot of fun banter from followers accross social media about how Amul's marathi wasn't up to the mark.

This opened up a perfect opportunity for us to create a cmapign that addressed this banter and used it to the benefit of Amul.


We came up with a campaign that turned a childhood past time of Maharashtrians into product awareness for Amul.

Maharashtrian children would often create Marathi words for english words that did not have a synonym in marathi. They would do this by amalgamating parts of various marathi words.

We decided to do the same, but for the product names of Amul!


We came up with 30 different products whos names could be created in Marathi by amalgamating different marathi words.

We created aesthetically pleasing creatives, as you can see above, for the same.

And then we asked people to guess the product name.


This campaign recieved rave reviews and it was enjoyed by Maharashtrians of all ages!

This was evident from the following stats:

1.8 Million Accounts reached



Our campaign was also discussed in design schools and advertising schools as a perfect regional campaign.


Amul Maharshtra

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