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Amul, a Gujarat based brand has become an integral part of every Indian's daily routine. Now, the brand wanted to have a strong Maharashtrian presence as well! 

What Amul is to India was now to be reflected in ‘Amul Marathi’ for Maharashtrians.

The nuances of Marathi people, their emotions, culture, values and of course, food needed to be showcased by the brand. The motive was to appeal to the regional audience, and make Amul Marathi their own! How did we bring a popular brand closer to the regional consumer?

Have a look!


Maharashtra is a land of its own identity in the nation, rich culture, historic places and people who take pride in living in it. All these emotions were combined together to create the launch campaign of Amul Marathi. It was very important to make it about Maharashtra, to build a sense of trust amongst the regional audience.The idea was to bring popular brand closer to the consumer through region-specific insights and communication strategy to connect with tier 2 & 3 cities. The Taste of India was now also, The Taste of Maharashtra.


Maharashtra, for the people, is made by the great leaders of the land. To launch Amul Marathi, we celebrated the heros of Maharashtra, the ones who have taken the state (or even the nation) to where it is today! This generated a sense of belonging and trust towards the brand amongst  the audience of Maharashtra! 

We also interacted with the local audiences, and asked what Amul means to them!

Maharashtra Darshan Campaign: 

For Maharashtrian audiences to believe that Amul is their brand, they need to know Amul knows Maharashtra. 

Hence, we came up with a campaign wherein Amul Products take The Maharashtra Tour!


After the successful launch, Amul Maharashtra had gained the attention of a large number of Maharashtrians!

Key Insights:

1. Reach- 13.7 M 

2. Comments- 36,115

3. Shares- 9,866

4. Followers: 31 K

Amul remains to be the top brand in the country, with their traditional, yet quirky marketing strategies.

What we bring to the table is the feeling of belongingness, the culture of Maharashtra and most certainly The Taste of India!

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