Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale, 2021

Product launch: Bingebar

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By Wit and Chai
Client Brief

Desi chaat and namkeens, which almost every Indian drools over, have conventionally been consumed at a ‘thelewaala’ in a loose snack form. However, for the same chaat and namkeens, the youth is not as big a fan as the older generations. Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale, a trusted household brand in Maharashtra has always been perceived as a traditional and family-oriented brand selling traditional mithai and snacks targeting senior generations. They wanted to break this traditional image and add a surprise element to these namkeens and chaat items and go PAN India with a product that adds a new form factor of a ‘bar’ to the namkeens and moves away from its parent brand. Until now, such a product form was only available as chikkis or healthy granola bars making savoury snack bars an unexplored market. An on-the-go savoury snack bar gives a new way to eat namkeens and chaat, making it easier to grab the attention of the masses and target the youth who always need instant gratification. Keeping in mind the spending capacity of a youngster, the bar also needed to be affordable and ‘Paisa Vasool’ but also have an attractive packaging.


‘Binge’ means to repetitively want something, may it be an episode of an exciting series or a particular food item. With Indian snacks, it’s just the same. You can never stop at one bite, you always need one more. Keeping the same concept in mind, this savoury snack bar was named ‘BINGEBAR™’ which is available in 3 distinct flavours: Bhel, Lemon Bhel, and Lite Chivda. A catchy Tagline ‘Ek Aur’ which translates to ‘one more’ was paired up with ‘BINGEBAR™’ to induce repetitive consumption of the bars. A classy matte black packaging, with logo and logo elements in white and a vibrant color assigned to each flavour, was also a key attraction point for the main target audience, i.e., youth. Rs. 10 was also the perfect pricing point for a youngster who always needs an instant yet affordable solution to cravings. 

To prank the audience, a Pre-Launch Campaign with a wordplay ‘New Bar in Town’ was developed so that more people would end up signing up on the website assuming it’s a restaurant bar. As this was altogether a new product category, separate Ad Films and Brand Explainers having quirky and ‘hatke’ concepts and extremely catchy music were shot. As other propagation channels, a youth-oriented Influencer Marketing Campaign on Instagram, an engaging Meme Marketing Campaign, and Paid Marketing Campaigns of Lead Generation and Website Conversion were also well thought out to reach the right target audience.


For the Pre-Launch Campaign, official handles on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter were set up where the hero concept ‘A New Bar in Town’ was announced to create hype and curiosity around the Launch. Influencers with a loyal following encouraged their audience to sign up for free with the help of swipe-up links on Instagram. On 12th August 2021, the day of the Launch, a prank was announced to reveal that BINGEBAR™ is a snack bar and not a physical restaurant bar. Exclusive Brand Films and Brand Explainers with catchy music for each flavour were also released across multiple channels to create a high recall for the FCMG Brand. The following activities were also simultaneously executed after the Launch: 

  • Meme Marketing: Tie-ups with 50+ Meme Pages who conducted meme-making contests with exciting cash prizes,

  • Paid Marketing Campaigns of Lead Generation and Website Conversion that helped in reaching the right audience, 

  • Influencer Marketing: Influencers making hilarious and engaging Instagram Reels with BINGEBAR™ boxes,

  • Gratification BINGEBAR™ boxes were sent to the ones who signed up on the website during the Pre-Launch Campaign, 

  • Free Sampling with 50,000 Zomato deliveries,

  • Distribution of product at kiraanas, supermarket chains, A and A+ stores, and paan tapris,

  • Print activations via scratch cards at grocery stores,

  • Offline Activations: Free sampling of 5,000 bars in elite areas of Mumbai like Dadar Chowpatty, Carter Road, etc. was also carried out by actors who were dressed as ‘bhelwaalas.’ This activity garnered a lot of attention and helped in creating a strong brand association for BINGEBAR™. Proper COVID19 measures were taken throughout this activity.


With such a disruptive Launch concept, the following statistics were recorded for:


A. Pre-Launch Phase of BINGEBAR™:


Website registrations: 3,000+


Influencer Campaign:

Views: 1,26,400

Link Clicks: 3,456

Shares: 2,868

Profile Visits: 133

Replies: 4

Website Taps: 1

Sticker Taps: 9,112

Impressions: 1,50,105

Accounts Reached: 1,67,392

Follows: 6


B. Launch Phase of BINGEBAR™: 


Product Ad Views:

Youtube:  500k

Facebook: 1.2 Million

Instagram: 16k


Influencer Marketing: 

Link Clicks: 66

Shares: 1

Profile Visits: 1

Sticker Taps: 244

Accounts Reached: 5,654

Impressions: 5,706


C. Post Launch Phase of BINGEBAR™: 


Influencer Marketing: 

Link Clicks: 38

Replies: 1

Shares: 15

Profile Visits: 26

Website Taps: 1

Sticker Taps: 169

Accounts Reached: 4,456

Impressions: 4,561

Instagram Reels Views: 16,04,000

Instagram Reels Likes: 2,16,149

Instagram Reels Comments: 817


Instagram Reels of Official Pages: 

Instagram Reels Views: 88,588

Instagram Reels Likes: 2,635

Instagram Reels Comments: 51


The idea of tradition meeting innovation was appreciated, especially in the younger community. With such an easy-to-carry, ‘anytime, anywhere’ solution to cravings, BINGEBAR™ is set to amplify an Indian’s love for namkeens and chaat. 


Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

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