Amul India, 2020

Celebrating 75 Years of Amul

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By Wit and Chai
Client Brief

Amul wanted to create a rememberable piece of communication around their 75th anniversary.

Wit and Chai, being Amul's regional agency for all communication accross Maharashtra, was approached with the task of cracking the brief with Maharashtrians as a point of referance.


When we sat down to think about it, we realised that any piece that we create, that tries to sell Amul products wasn't going to work.

Also, any content created as a competition or an engagement generating piece would directly conflict with ongoing activities of Amul Maharashtra.

Which made us test our understanding of the human psyche and come up with something that everyone could relate to.



We tied up with one of the best animators in the country, Priyanka Tampi, and well renowned music director, Shaunak Kulkarni, to turn our script into reality.

Please put on your headphones to experience the film, that is the journey of a woman over the last 75 years...



The film was so well received by Amul that they decided to take it to the national level and asked us to create regionalised versions of the same.

We received over 2 Million views in a mere 24 hours after the release of the film, and over 60 thosand people liked the film accross platforms.


Amul India

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