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Booze Has No Gender. Yet, popular marketing approaches within the Alcobev as well as Bar & Nightclub industry has managed to establish gender associations with alcoholic beverages.

For instance, a woman ordering a mug of beer or a glass of whiskey would bring out a different reaction from patrons, including other women.

The Irish House saw this as an opportunity to do something out of the ordinary while celebrating the incredible women, who only want to sip on their favourite drinks without being judged about their choice.


On  International Women's Day, we opened our bar to serve all the same beverages at a special discount for our women and some special quirk hidden in our menu for all

Our patrons walked in for a drink only to notice that we had re-written the section titles in our Women's day special bar menu to break any, or all, gender associations that may have formed over the years with the alcobevs

This pleasantly packaged quirk got our walk-ins discussing the topic with an open mind and a chilled beverage in hand


We surveyed both men & women at our bar to analyse reactions that women face on their choice of drinks

Our online campaign began two days before the Women’s Day to put the main offline activity to test, whether or not it will be received well by our target audience

We gauged the audience's response with a glimpse of what they could expect during the International Women’s Day at The Irish House

We uploaded a digital version of our Women’s Day special bar menu, with revised section titles that called out to all gender-associations with types of alcobevs

We continued the build-up with the announcement of all-day happy hours for women at all the outposts on Women's Day


With a reach of more than 59,000, approximately 6,400 engagements, and over 76,000 impressions, our posts received nothing but love and altered the opinions of netizens along the way

On the D-day, we practiced what we preached. Unlike other bars, the Women’s Day discounts was applicable across the bar menu, instead of select alcobevs

Our online audience and walk-ins at the outlets cheered for us and raised a toast to our efforts in making their favourite booze gender-free again

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