Piramal Realty, 2019

Piramal Revanta | Your Home This Diwali

Digital Films
By White Rivers Media

Celebrating the true essence of relations is what makes Diwali the happiest festival of all. Here's a look at the Diwali ad film for Piramal Realty #ShotByWRM which encourages users to celebrate relations this Diwali.

Client Brief

The client aimed to place the newly-built Piramal Revanta as the younger generation's most-preferred residential destination in Mulund, Mumbai 

The video was to have a young vibrant look to go with the brand’s persona


Diwali being the season of new beginnings and generous gifting, we conceptualised the idea of a newly-wed husband surprising his wife with a new house to mark auspicious celebrations and new beginnings.


We approached the video with an emotionally-charged narrative to connect with our audience better

The video beautifully captured the dreams and preferences of the younger generation, while showcasing how homes by Piramal Revanta was a perfect setting for those dreams to come true

We opened with a young couple visiting a place, which comes across as extremely desirable to the wife

We captured the Piramal Revanta experience through her lingering eyes; the way she admires and soaks in the contemporary ambience and infrastructural allure

The delight of owning a home in Piramal Revanta was doled out in fuller proportions within the video by showcasing the wife's ecstatic response to receiving the place as a gift


Our Diwali special edit on Piramal Revanta was viewed over 445, 000 times on social media alone, and was earmarked as an important asset to guide the festive season sales.



Piramal Realty

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