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Client Brief

As one of India’s leading Marathi entertainment channel with around 30M+ Maharashtrians on the Internet as our audience, our objective was to create regional content that people find relatable, interesting, and shareworthy.

Through the strategic use of Instagram as a platform & its tools, we were to

  • Optimised organic engagement through our social journey 2018-19, while promoting new as well as existing shows
  • Gained extraordinary engagement during significant Maharashtrian festivals and days of importance
  • Promoted content through videos and statics to expand the perspective towards the premise of the existing shows


Hundreds of Stories Told. Millions of People Reached. Infinite Smiles Received. ZERO rupees spent in Promotion.

  • Being a regional entertainment channel, we diversified social properties while still keeping the outgoing communication as relatable, engagement-worthy, and more importantly easy to consume
  • With each piece of content, we opened new opportunities for our audiences to engage with us and look forward to more interesting pieces of content
  • The focus was on Instagram stories that carried either heavy-on-emotion narratives or creatively packaged communication that demanded dynamic engagement


How did India’s leading Marathi entertainment channel reach out to every Maharashtrian on the Internet, not once but thrice, with ZERO MEDIA SPENDS?

More than a third of our TG was youth between the age of 18-30, who wanted refreshing content packaged in quirky & clever communication, and visually exciting elements.

  • Knowing the importance of Marathi language, and detailed facts about the traditions & culture, we transformed our information into desirable entertainment for our audience, while promoting our shows and other important days
  • We explored all the possible touchpoints of the cultural traditions, mapped it with the channel's agenda to create an engaging series of Instagram stories all year long
  • To serve the purpose better, we created a mix of fun content as well to create relevant impact among our TG


The ultimate result of our honest-to-the-roots approach was that our followers increased from 1.4M+ to 3.0M+ over a span of one year organically!

-          Our Instagram stories garnered 4.3M impressions, 3.8Million views and 3.9M navigations

-          Our static content received 4.8M impressions, reached out to 2.6M people and got 3.1M engagements

-          Our video content received a whopping 116M impressions, 51M in reach, and 48M in engagement

-          Overall, the impressions count was 128M, reach was 60.6M and engagement was 51.1M

All of this with zero spends on any media! This, and the immense love and loyalty that we earned from our audiences, was achieved in 1 year.

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