K Hospitality, 2019

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Client Brief

With its operations spread across 500+ locations worldwide, K Hospitality Corp is India’s largest Hospitality & Food Service Group with a legacy of 45+ years

A family-run business – with its sound roots and focused development plan – K Hospitality Corp continues to grow as the leading, well-respected F&B player in the global markets

The group’s vision to create positive & memorable experiences for people begins at home. Its 7000+ members are the first ones to get the signature K-Hospitality experience.

As future family members, the group wanted prospective partners, associates, and employees to know their guiding principles – the three pillars that binds the legacy together and guides it towards sustainable growth

People always come first (People First)

People trust each other and are honest with each other (Transparency & Trust)

People own the responsibility to help the business grow, and grow with it (Ownership)


People tell the micro-tales behind the grand story of K Hospitality Corp

Within the extensive macro ethos of the group, lies a million smaller stories and another million micro-growth moments that fuels its growth worldwide

We captured these moments via stories straight from those people whose lives were enriched by the K-hospitality corporate culture & beliefs

A heartfelt approach to create honest, inspiring representation amongst global C-suite leaders in the industry



We traced down the emotions that outline the specified guiding principles through extensive conversations with the employees

Amid the teary-eyed smiles, we obtained stories of strength, learning, and leadership, which were testament to the growth of these employees in the nurturing environment of K-hospitality

Each one shared micro-instances when they were at a make-or-break point, both personally and professionally, but the culture that trickles down from the three core guiding principles enriched their lives and changed it for good

We compiled these tales in a video to build the grander picture for the guiding principles of the group


The 7000+ family members of the K Hospitality group were elated to see their stories being valued and viewed by global leaders in F&B

Patrons and partners were moved on viewing the video and felt twice as confident about picking K Hospitality as their choice

The video was received with love at leading national trade shows and helped strengthen the brand’s core image


K Hospitality

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