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Client Brief

RejctX’s first season was a hit among the audience due to its high relatability factor and the second season was all set to amplify the same. The main objective of this campaign was to promote RejctX2 on all social media platforms via popular influencers, content creators, and meme pages. 


The campaign #WeareRejectX stirred up quite the buzz as Voxxy roped in popular influencers and celebrities to promote the show across various social media platforms. The ground zero target audience for this campaign was the young Gen Z users, for whom the content was tweaked so as to resonate and sound relatable to them. 

On Instagram, favorite characters from the show were the talking points as they appealed to the young audience while on Tiktok, creators used the theme song of the show to teach the audience how to #doitlikerejctx. A whopping 100+ User-generated content pieces were created through this campaign. 

Additionally for the Meme Marketing Campaign,  Voxxy partnered with 40+ popular Meme pages. These pages picked up trending scenes from the show and created topical humorous memes around them. This blast of user-generated content by popular influencers and pages garnered a great deal of attention from the audience. 

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