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Client Brief


To build awareness and create a buzz around MAFIA, the new series on Zee5 and its unique plot. To reach the right target audience and start conversations amongst them (Youth and middle age audiences). 


The idea was to collaborate with digital content creators who will be able to create an engaging video to increase curiosity about the show and help reach the target audience. To increase chatter about the game, the show and establish a property hashtag  #GameForLife that can be amplified through content creators.



Since the show is based on the game "Mafia" and revolves around the theme of friendship, we wanted to bank on these two core aspects - friendship and the game to incite more excitement about the show. We partnered with content creators as well as the cast from the show, to play the game of Mafia with Friends on Zoom Call. These videos were shared on social media by Zee5 followed by all the players of the game.

Voxxy Media


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