The Clarks Exotica, 2018

The Clarks Exotica, Bengaluru

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By Velocita Brand Consultants
Client Brief

A Living Legacy—The Clarks Exotica has been one of Bengaluru’s most desirable destinations for corporate conventions, weekend getaways, wedding destinations, and spacations for vacationers and business travelers for over a decade now.

With over 18 luxury resorts rivalling it’s claim as Bengaluru’s favourite destination, the race was on to build a beloved hospitality brand. More focused on building a great resort than a brand, Clarks Exotica had never investigated positioning itself as a holistic offering for the best hospitality in the state.

Over six months, we partnered with this iconic resort’s management and marketing teams to more than increase occupancy and revenue. We’ve meticulously built Clarks Exotica’s appeal as a great hospitality destination while evolving the brand to keep it relevant with a discerning, elite audience.

Through exciting design, a nuanced communication plan, careful attention to detail, and creative thinking, we’ve helped Clarks exotica grow in fresh ways.


We created an emblem that communicated the decade of excellence and demonstrated “luxury, chic, class, and affluence” as per the client’s request. This emblem was used on all communication design for Clarks Exotica.


Our cornerstone for the brand campaign stemmed from the resort’s ten years of offering the best hospitality service— A Decade of Excellence.


A differentiated brand promise.

Knowing what your brand stands for and what it means to both your customers and employees can be a key differentiator between hoteliers that thrive versus those that simply survive.

Through creating communication design for every single customer touchpoint, Clarks Exotica’s leadership team saw to the effective execution, use and deployment of the new collateral to develop brand advocates and staff who live and embody brand values and standards and drive a brand culture that permeates how employees engage with each other and guests on a daily basis.


The Clarks Exotica

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