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Client Brief

Aon Global as it was known prior to its de-merger and eventual buyout was the second largest insurance broker in India at the time. The buyout was a complicated process drawn out over 2 years. The internal stakeholders, to stay ahead of any table talk and disinformation opted to rebrand the company. The new entity was renamed to Global Insurance Brokers a.k.a Global.

  • Undertake a brand discovery session to understand gaps in stakeholder perception and brand image
  • Brand Insights and Opportunities analysis
  • Brand positioning, USP and defining the brand personality tenets
  • Corporate identity re-design and visual storytelling




  • Robust domain knowledge, enabling accurate risk assessment and swift settlement negotiation across domains
  • High customer retention as a result of great service experience
  • Committed to ethical and unbiased business practices
  • People and relationship focused


  • Trustworthy
  • Authoritative yet approachable
  • Futuristic


Logo and Visual Identity Idea:

After several stakeholder discussions and in staying true to the fact that the company would operate the same, was being run by the same core team, and would deliver as expected, the logo being the most recognizable brand asset didn’t need a re-design but some tweaking. While the older logo had a bold, rigid look we decided to use a thinner font from the same family to make the new unit appear clean, contemporary and elegant.

For the visual theme, our solution hinged on visual storytelling, creating an apt graphic element indicative of the complexities of insurance in a simple way. Insurance as a sector can be a maze to navigate. Without in-depth domain knowledge, an entity can easily lose its way. The maze gives us a lot of shortcuts but there’s only one best— often the longest—route to success. This is the route we took. In just five weeks, we derived, developed and delivered an entire brand revamp for Global Insurance.


The concept of the maze opened up a platform for designing the visual language. A library of graphics and visuals was created, entirely customizable to the maze theme and in line with the brand’s requirements. This made Global’s new visual identity adaptable and gave them the flexibility to foray into newer areas and ventures in the future.The new logo and visual language received a phenomenal response from existing trade associates as well as potential ones. The new identity was found completely aligned to the Global legacy and its progressive future.

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