Client Brief

Inspired by Japanese simplicity and design details, crafted by both, Indian and Japanese artisans, HtoH designs are simple, elegant and yet very memorable!


HtoH website caters for all these factors, with useful airline information, clear competitive pricing, and extensive destination and hotel guides.  A key additional benefit of quality content and logical information architecture is the positive effect it has on search engine results, with each landing page optimised for the search term with clear and relevant booking options.


The project started with creating the web version of the application wherein we had proposed a real-time mapping Integration on searching that would make the experience more relevant and user friendly The main challenge in the Ul/UX was that the site had to stand out in the crowd. We managed to create an experience on one page without a single refresh. This was not only unique but was also a very interesting UI. This allowed the user to search, shortlist – book and make payment on a single screen without having to Scroll or move to the next page.



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