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ClinicJot is a London-based therapy business management iPad app that helps therapists manage all aspects of their clients & clinics. It allows for easy practice and clinic management like maintaining accurate client medical records, bookings and scheduling. The app can also be used to send out appointment reminders and provides GPS directions for home visits. It generates documents including invoices, financial reports and even entire medical histories. ClinicJot partnered with Velocita to design the app UI/UX.


We began by limiting the screens a practitioner would interact with. We designed a dashboard which displays all information about a patient from his medical history to last appointment recommendations to the fees collected— in one single screen.


We delivered a bespoke design that makes managing client medical records, scheduling appointments and billing more coordinated, transparent and accountable. Beginning with the user interface, we created wireframes keeping in mind that professionals should be able to access the data required via a single sign-on.


The interface design allowed a practitioner to flip through the patient history and the recommendations in just 2 swipes. The design also visually differentiates individual tasks and functions like client medical records, reports, consent treatment forms etc., by category and integrates well with other systems, including calendar applications for scheduling. The complete design was handled in exactly ten designs that covered the vast scope of the project.

Clinic Jot was pleased to see the ease of use for a user. A practitioner could find the information needed easily and the interesting use of colours and design elements made using the application for extended periods a satisfying experience.

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