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Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy or AEMA is a fairly new entrant to the Maritime Education industry.

Seeking to tap into the complex psychology of students and to promote online applications, AEMA asked Velocita Brand to deliver a web design and digital strategy that would promote the PGDM in Marine Engineering, it’s 2 year comprehensive programme.


AEMA needed a way to showcase their different specialty degree and diploma courses in Marine Engineering and Nautical studies, while also highlighting their successful placement record and rich student academic life. Focusing on student academics was no small task, especially when sharing important guidance around infrastructure, training programs, and how they assist students at the college.

Our goal for this website redesign was a complete reshape of content structure into a custom WordPress CMS. This would have the added benefit of improving ease of use for staff members publishing time-sensitive information like admission updates and college news.


  • Completely rethink overall site architecture and navigation to better tell their story and share information
  • Ensure relevant and up-to-date information on courses is easily found
  • Highlight previously buried but important information on course eligibility and availability
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS for ease of use by staff


The new AEMA website really showcases their Academic strength – and their team. It includes a dynamic scrolling banner linking directly to admission updates and clear paths to study courses and programs. Student FAQs and any searches are now easily addressed through a powerful search function, and were given individual landing areas with dedicated FAQ and course information pages. With training on how to best use their custom WordPress CMS, AEMA is equipped to easily share their exciting academic growth with everyone.

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