Client Brief

Toogle is the preferred tech platform that connects an entire ecosystem of B2B travel and events. We have connected thousands of travel consultants and agents from remote locations to the B2B Suppliers based in top metro cities. We have enabled last mile delivery for B2B Suppliers and helped local agents from remote locations find the best supply, boosting business to a different level.

The challenge they were facing was customer onboarding for international travel companies which are largely destination management companies. These companies have very little visibility on niche HNI clients that are available in the Indian markets. Large DMCs do not entertain agents from Tier 3 & Tier 4 cities. Agents from these cities want to get more visibility for their tier inventory in tier 2, tier 3, tier 4 cities in India.


We managed to simplify this entire discovery process for these entities using our ongoing platform for B2B travel: Toogle.

We offered an entire brand identity creation, web application development, and ongoing content marketing for Toogle. Under this brand, we were able to generate sufficient traction for ongoing engagement on this platform. We ensured that people who are interested in this offering can showcase their company on this B2B travelling platform.


Toogle is an entire ecosystem of B2B travel partners. The logo is inspired from the form of a maze. A maze is a puzzle with twists and turns, where you try to find a path from the entrance to the exit without hitting dead ends. Toogle helps you to navigate it, arrive at the best solution.



  1. Mumbai



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