Client Brief

For the occasion of Women’s Day, HDFC Bank wanted to increase customer engagement through an innovative approach of personalised communication.


The idea was to make a creative that was unique, personal and more over engaging. Further we had segregated the mailer, targeting gender demographic audience.

To best position HDFC Bank Cards as their perfect companion to celebrate the day, we provided storytelling approach that seamlessly blended the celebration with card offers.


We aimed at leveraging the effectiveness of personalised communication through storytelling to our best advantage. Using the relevant data points, we seamlessly crafted a one-to-one message piece that connects with the reader emotionally.

Here’s why we stood out:

  • Creatively unique celebration mailer
  • Captivated customers with relatable and conversational messaging.
  • Best use of special days to engage with customers
  • Leveraged the power of one-to-one framework to make the best of data points
  • Built an emotional connect through personalised message 
  • Increase HDFC Bank Card usage with Women’s Day special offers and make it their primary card for the celebration.
  • Our new communication approach was highly appreciated, evoking a response of: 30% increase in card activation and usage. 




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