Aditya Birla Capital, 2019

Acquisition Campaign for drop-off customers of Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Communication Design
By Urja Communications
Client Brief

Aditya Birla Health Insurance (ABHI) offered online application of Health Insurance through its website. The form comprised of 5 essential sections and ABHI observed that many visitors dropped off mid-way at various stages. It was important to connect with these drop-offs so as to convert them. They were reached through calls and based on their responses, they were segregated into various segments and sub-segments for further action. Urja’s task was to create Email communication with the objective of moving these potential customers into conversion or into the next stage of the funnel.


The objective was to nudge and educate the audience without inducing fear.

This was an extensive project that required the team to have strategic, creative and extremely meticulous approach to communication, while strictly adhering to delivery timelines.


The first step was to create a comprehensive communication grid that allowed us to be consistent across our messaging to roughly 30 X 4 = 120 sub-segments.

The second step was to chart out the key messaging (tactical question based headlines) for the sub-segments and then complement it with the right key visual from ABHI’s actual customer shots.

The third was detailing out the body copy with conversations customised to be relevant to the specific sub-segment and share information about the product in an easy–to-consume manner.


The campaign resulted in an impressive number of customers converting or moving to the next stage. The brand now plans to implement the same exercise for another key product.


Aditya Birla Capital

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