Documentary on TTB, 2020

Rumi Begum- Her Life of Poverty and Hope

By TTB Films

Rumi Begum- Her Life of Poverty and Hope


Despite her own financial problems, Rumi Begum from Guwahati, fed people from her own rations, and even helped a pregnant woman with her delivery. Meanwhile, things are getting tough for her family. Watch her emotional story of selfless acts and hopeful tomorrow.



Salute To Rumi’s Spirit

Recently, Rumi's house was destroyed due to a cyclone in Assam. She has no other place to live. So her husband has fixed it for the time being. But even after all the troubles, Rumi has not stopped helping people. We wholeheartedly salute Rumi’s spirit to serve mankind. Helping others is not easy, especially when you are in a lot of trouble yourself. Despite such hardships, Rumi is setting a very positive example for everyone, everyday.


Documentary on TTB

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