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Client Brief

At The Tribal Box, we understand what moves you; what inspires you. We bring real stories with real emotions about real people who bring positive change in the society. And so, equipped with our years of expertise, we partnered along with Contract India with Godrej Interio on their latest campaign ‘Make Space for Life’ featuring Sonu Sood.


The design of the home was done keeping in mind the requirements of Malvika’s family ensuring that we make space for friends and family in the living room, make space for cooking delicious food in the kitchen, make space for kids to learn and grow, make space in the bedroom for watching your favorite shows on OTT platforms and a small space for gaming and fun. The dining room makes space for bonding over food and warm conversations. Smaller functional areas were created for the family by using the new modular Godrej Interio furniture which is designed thoughtfully, looks elegant and fits all spaces and requirements.


The Campaign

It all started when Sonu Sood approached Godrej Interio to transform his sister Malavika’s home in Moga, Punjab. The Tribal Box enjoys a long-standing reputation of excellence and our happy clients are a testament of that. When they told us that they wanted to bring alive the campaign idea by demonstrating the thought with real people, we instantly knew what was needed and desired by them. We deisgned an extention of the campaign by using the actual family of Malivika i.e. her husband and her kids within the campaign. The Campaign talks about difference facets of an ideal home space. Each frame has been meticulously composed and lit to transport the viewer into its world of an ideal home that exudes warmth & love.


Make Space For Life

Emotions and love are something that bind us all together. Sonu Sood had already gifted a dream home to his parents and he was very happy partnering with Godrej Interio and now he wanted to gift a dream house to his sister Malvika and he knew no one could do it better than Godrej Interio hence he again choose to work with the brand to help him create an ideal home for his little sister.

The Tribal Box conceptualized and wrote a beautiful script highlighting the happiness aspect of such a home. In this video, Sonu Sood talks about the ideal space that one can call their home. He talks about a home where along with food, happiness is also served; a home that speaks of comfort; and where one can find bliss in being closer to their loved ones.

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