Luminous India, 2020

Maa Aashchhe! A durga puja Film

Content Strategy
By TTB Films

‘Maa Aashchheis a very emotional saying that fills the heart of every Bengali with love and anticipation of the arrival of Durga Maa.

It is also a very common saying before the start of Durga Puja.

It exemplifies the emotion of waiting eagerly that runs through every Bengali’s heart. There’s anticipation, wait and excitement for Puja.

Core - We use this insight and the saying – ‘Maa Aashchhe’ and put a twist to it,

which we reveal at the end of the film.


We show an upper middle class setup where a little boy is running through the house and is excitedly shouting “Maa Aaschhe, Maa Aashchhe!” Sound of conch shells as the women of the house along with men blow them, sound of dhaaki and the aroma of incense sticks hovering all around.

We cut these home shots with extreme close shots Durga Maa’s eyes being painted at a separate location, which we don’t reveal yet. The idea is to embellish Durga Maa’s idol and show the anticipation in the household.

We fuse the visuals with a joint family, where every relative is busy setting up the house, dressing for Durga Puja’s evening aarti and through the happy commotion, we see the boy running everywhere in joy and telling everybody – “Maa Aaschhe!”. The relatives just brush his hair and smile at his innocence and excitement, thinking that he’s excited about the arrival of Durga Maa.

We build a couple of more moments and by the end of the video, when Durga Maa (the idol) is just about to be complete and the joint family is waiting to get her glimpse, the lights go off.

The sound of the conch shell fills our ears. And just then, we show a woman in a doctor’s uniform, enter the house with her bag-pack. She is illuminated by a back-light. She switches on the Luminous Invertor and the place is illuminated. The veil is taken off Durga Maa and just at that moment, the kid rushes to the doctor and hugs her tight – “Maa eshechhe!” (Mother has arrived). She looks at everybody and says, “Quarantine period khatam ho gaya!” That’s when the mother-in-law quips Tere aane se yeh ghar ab Khushiyon ka Ghar ban gaya!”

Everybody is happy seeing her and they all embrace her. We have a visual where she stands just in front of Durga Maa and juxtapose both the women in the same frame as there’s happiness all around. The scene blurs and text appears –
SUPER: “Luminous celebrates every Durga who protects us from the evil!”

Brand Integration

The brand becomes an enabler in spreading light when a ceremony is interrupted by a sudden darkness. And it becomes even more relevant when the protagonist of the film switches the invertor on, symbolizing the ‘switch’ from darkness to light. Durga (doctor) & Luminous, together bring back light in the life of the family.


1) Top and tail branding.

2) The brand essence will be the heart of the story.

3) The brand celebrates all the frontline warriors who are risking their lives to see us overcome this challenge. 




Luminous India

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