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Humaare Sapne Azaad Hain

Uncertain times shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams. We, at The Tribal Box, believe in your dreams. And so, we conceptualized & executed a special Independence Day film for AMFI- Mutual Funds Sahi Hai  & Mirum’s #HumaareSapneAzaadHain.


The Aim

The campaign highlights how important timely investments are for your dreams. Smart investments give you the opportunity to pursue your dreams independently without any hindrance. With patience, resilience and discipline, anyone can achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The Film

The film showcases the stories of three dreamers from different walks of life, driven by the passion of realizing their dreams. Here are their stories of inspiration.


The Campaign

Covid-19 paralyzed the day-to-day functioning of people and organizations alike. But even though everyday lives were impacted with innumerable restrictions, no one could stop the dreamers from going after their dreams.

Mutual funds enable you to achieve these dreams with the security of wealth. Isiliye Mutual Funds Sahi Hai.

Trust your independent thinking and chase your dreams–Ravi Shankar

Taking this core thought, the campaign aims at celebrating the spirit and willpower of achieving excellence beyond limitations. These dreams are not afraid of a pandemic; they cannot be shackled by challenges and hence, Humaare Sapne Azaad Hain!



Humaare Sapne Azaad Hain

Chaitanya Gavali


Being born to a business family in Mumbai, the thought of becoming a champion in sports never crossed my mind. My family owned a footwear shop in Kandivali and so, for the longest time, I imagined my destiny to be laid out in the business. However, I knew it from the start that sales was not my cup of tea.

I had joined a gym to lose body fat. As I started working out, I could see visible changes in my body weight. It was then, that my coach suggested the idea of participating in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). I soon realized that being a Fighter could be a dream come true. As much as I wanted to try out my luck in this newfound career, I knew that my parents would be apprehensive about my decision. Hence, I requested my mother to grant me some time to prove myself. This was the start to my journey of pursuing my aspirations.

I hustled harder and harder everyday. My hard work started to reflect in the championships that I won. Finally, I won a Gold medal at the Warrior Championship at Penang, Malaysia held in September 2018. I became the first Indian Gold Medalist champion in the International MMA arena. My parents are very proud of my achievements.

During the lockdown period, I have been training a couple of youngsters for National and International tournaments. I believe that every budding Fighter should be given the same opportunities and experiences that I received. Therefore, I’m passing down my learnings to the next generation of Fighters.

I was supposed to be a part of an International event in Thailand but I couldn’t attend it because of the pandemic. Until the situation is resolved, I am training everyday to keep my physique in check so that I am ready for the day I get to fight in a game.


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