AMFI- Mutual Funds Sahi Hai, 2020, 2020

Humaare Sapne Azaad Hain

Content Strategy
By TTB Films

The Thought

 The meaning of independence has been different for every generation.

 With the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, the lockdown brought many challenges- some real and some in our minds.

 In short, our everyday life was crippled. But duty towards work called, and people had to find ways to overcome both physical and mental challenges to keep going on.

 While our everyday movement was restricted, no one could put restrictions over our dreams. Self-doubt could just not get the better of us.

 Dreamers make this world a better place because they have the willpower to go after their dreams and protect them at all costs.

 And hence, the thought behind this campaign! No matter how many restrictions come our way, but no one can imprison our dreams. And hence, AZAAAD HAIN MERE SAPNE!!

Communication USP

On Independence Day, brands usually roll out ads saluting the Defence services. Lately, brands have also started making ads on many socially relevant issues.

Many ads that have been shot under the lockdown have acknowledged people’s initiative of staying indoors to promote lockdown safety measures.

The USP of this concept is that it celebrates the freedom of dreaming, and empowers the audience with the positive thought that your dreams are always free of shackles of any pandemic or self-doubt.


 Due to the lockdown, many people’s daily work came to a screeching halt.

While the regular office going people were allocated WFH, what about those performers and creators whose bread and butter is their talent?

They are the ones who are driven by their dreams. Fuelled by their passion, they have chosen a path less travelled.

The film will showcase such people who are contributing to the country and making it proud.

The message of this Independence day film is to showcase their struggle and their belief that no matter what challenges this lockdown brings along, their dreams will always win over these roadblocks.


AMFI- Mutual Funds Sahi Hai, 2020

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