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Client Brief

This is a Product film for HDFC Life Sanchay Plan. The film communicates the key benefits of the plan to the consumer.  



Here we have set the context of the scenario through a recipe that our
Protagonist is making. The actions gesticulate the product benefits by drawing
parallels from real life scenarios as such.


Every story has a core theme and every core has a heart of its own. Similarly, our HDFC Sanchay Films have certain beautiful core themes to tap on –the little gestures that add a whole lot of colors to the canvas of life. It could be a father having a backup plan when his Paneer Biryani is burnt, or a husband sensing the silent wish of his wife for a vacation. He could have got it all planned but still, he ’ s no superman, even though he has to be for his family.And that’ s where HDFC Sanchay Plans come in that become a wall for someone to lean on, a cushion that offers comfort, and a relaxant that eases the financial stress. The films will also portray these little emotions throughout. Be it the ease on Aditya ’ s face when he ’ s just brought a huge cheer for his kids with a large pizza box, or the sense of a narrow escape when he tells his wife to plan a vacation. The treatment of all the films will be easy, breezy, light-hearted yet heartfelt, HDFC’ s Sanchay Films will depict these emotions throughout the films. The characters won ’t just have dialogues but they ’ll also converse more with their reactions and expressions. The look and feel of the film will be in an IndoWestern zone so that we strike the right balance between being relatable and be aspirational at the same time. We ’ll have neutral shades of white as light through the day and subtle yellows and shades of blue during the night.

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