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Unlearn - Don’t be a part of the rat race

With COVID-19 as the backdrop, moulding this insight in the current times we see how our fathers are asking us to unlearn things and do things differently.

The fathers who once told us to never back down no matter what happens, are now advising us to stop and breathe and feel the moment. The fathers who once taught us to be competitive are now asking us to take a step back and value intangible things.

They, who took the brunt of the world, helmed every responsibility on their shoulders are now asking us to live for ourselves, keep the weight of responsibilities aside and just heal from the wounds of this capitalist-fast-paced world.

It was our fathers who told us to learn things and now it is them who advise us to unlearn.

Tanishq exclusivity & SEAL

•The Aveer man personifies the right balance of  Yin & Yang .

•He is also a man with strong family values and believes that change begins from your own home.

•His character has been polished and perfected like ‘gold’ by numerous tests of time. COVID is yet another adversity that he has used as an opportunity to emerge stronger and wiser.

•With this wisdom he is perfectly poised to impart the learnings to his daughter / son to Unlearn, to let go of the transient and focus on what really matters.

•The film will incorporate all these nuances through script and visual treatment that will make it uniquely Aveer, Tanishq standing out distinctly from a Raymond or a Gillette.

Category connect & Jewelry moment

•A father teaches a child in many ways – through communication, through his example and through his choices.

•The way a father conducts and presents himself, speaks volumes too.

•The Aveer jewellery moments will go beyond aesthetics to establish that our protagonist has the grit of gold. He has withstood the tests of life to make his inner gold shine.

•These moments will be subtly, yet impact fully integrated in the film.

Communication U.S.P.

•Until now, brands like Raymond have equated their messaging with making your presence felt, being a perfect gentleman and at best challenging stereotypes.

•Most of these brands have something to say about learning to move forward; dreaming more, exploring more, and being a champion.

•Our Father’s Day film is challenging this conditioning or program that we base our lives on, without questioning.

•The Aveer father is making the distinction with the concept of ‘Unlearn’. He is encouraging us to take a step back to lead a more fulfilled life.

•He doesn’t push the child to relentlessly keep moving forward and winning. Rather, he makes him see that it would be more rewarding if we win together.

•He doesn’t speak of winning the matches. He teaches the kid that even losing is okay. Every experience teaches new things.

•While other brands talk of competition and new lifestyle; our film talks about relations and redefining lifestyle in positive ways.


Maanaa maine aksar
tumse kaha tha,
zindagi ek race hai,
iss race mein tumhein first aana hai,
tum maano ya maano,
par yeh jeetne waalon ka hi
zamaana hai.

Manaa maine kaha tha
ki chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye,
tum ruknaa nahi,
thamnaa nahi,
sirf manzil ki or
zindagi ek race hai,
ise aakhri dam tak poora karna.

Par aaj jo main roz-marra
ki zindagi dekh raha hoon,
musibaton ki mashaal par
apne hausle ki hatheliyaan sek raha hoon..

Dekh raha hoon,
Kaise sab iss waqt se
joonj rahe hain,
unke aansu dikhte nahi,
par mann hi mann mein
shaayd goonj rahe hain.

Maanaa maine aksar
tumse kaha tha,
zindagi ek race hai,
iss race mein tumhein first hai aana,
haarne waalon koi jagah nahi,
kyunki yeh jeetne waalon ka hai

Yeh main ab samajh raha hoon,
Ki Zindagi koi race nahi,
haarna bhi ek jeet hai,
Haarne se kabhi karna parhez nahi.

Ruknaa buraa nahi,
Maa agar pyaar bulaaye,
toh kaam chhodke
thoda ruk jaana.
Main bhi agar dobaara
bhaagne ke liye kahoon,
toh theherna ka matlab
tum mujhe sikhaana.

Manaa maine kaha tha
ki chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye,
tum ruknaa nahi,
thamnaa nahi,
sirf manzil ki or
zindagi ek race hai,
ise aakhri dam tak poora karna.

Par zindagi ka maksad
sirf manzil tak pohochnaa
nahi hai,
uss manzil ke raaste par
har lamhe ko jeena hi
zindagi hai.


This 60- 90 sec film is an open letter from a father, who’s also been on the front-line, urging his daughter/son to unlearn things that he might have taught them. It’s an emotional film from the perspective of this father who has been in the thick of things during COVID and, therefore, realizes the importance of intangible things in life like –kindness, self discovery, valuing relationship, giving back to the world.

It will be a home-shot video of a father, for instance, a pilot – his moments with his kids. His pictures, photographs stuck on the walls, albums, etc. His trophies, his badges. The little laughs that he now shares with his family. How he cooks for them, stays inside, spends time with them but when the duty calls, he wears his uniform and serves his country. A few stock footages of airplanes and the skies.
The protagonists could be changed and altered as per the requirements of the brand to a doctor, entrepreneur, journalist, scientist.

The route for Execution

•Though the concept is set in the current times of COVID-19, it will choose a fresh narrative on the situation and have a larger relevance.

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