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Britannia Marie Gold My Startup Contest

Britannia Marie Gold, Britannia Industries’ largest brand (by volume) is synonymous with being the fuel for Indian homemakers, their dreams and aspirations. The brand celebrates homemakers and salutes them for their contributions to their families, while simultaneously nudging them to do more and be more with their lives. With today’s homemaker, there is an increasing realization and growing appreciation of the central role she plays in the family. While she takes immense pride in being a homemaker, she also nurses her own aspiration to ‘do more and be more’. Marie Gold's point of view ‘Kyunki bahut kuch hai karna’ gives voice to this ever present desire of the homemaker. It inspires women to introspect and recognize the inherent potential that lies within them and to give wings to their ambition.



Britannia Marie Gold launched My Start Up initiative in 2019, where the top 10 business ideas won INR 10 lac each to start up. Season 1 had 1.5 million entries and was a big success. The winning homemakers of season 1 went on to establish successful businesses of their own. In season 2, the activation went bigger and better and Britannia Marie Gold tied up with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to develop and provide the top 10000 winners of the contest a chance to win a certified online skill development program, to enhance their entrepreneurial skills." .

Vijaynee Sahoo

In the words of her own husband, “She is a great wife, a great entrepreneur, and a great teacher”. Vijaynee is the winner of Britannia Marie’s My Startup Contest Season 1 who won Rs 10 lacs in prize money. Since then, she has invested that money in opening up her boutique and empowering other women like her by teaching them stitching and hiring them.

Her mother says, “The day Vijaynee won the contest, she called me first. She sounded elated. I always knew I had raised a fighter. She has overcome a lot of hurdles in her life. And all that struggle has got her here today”.

Today, Vijaynee is a skilled fabric designer and the proud owner of Shree Boutique in Odisha. She remembers how her mother always encouraged her to go out there and work to become independent. She says, “Being dependent on someone else was always the biggest fear in my mind. But my mother always believed in me and that’s why I am here today”. She has a vision to help women from Odisha stand on their feet.

She says, “We women are just living in mental cages without realizing that the doors are wide open. Every woman has the right to be independent and unfortunately, the society fails to support this thought”.

At Shree Boutique, she teaches women all about stitching and fabric design. Once they are confident, they can work there and earn their own money. Vijaynee says, “This makes them more confident and gives them the wings to dream”.

Vijaynee’s dream is to take ‘Shri Boutique’ to every interior village of India, where women are in need of support. In the end, she proudly adds, “Well, this is just the beginning, Ab bahut kuch hai karna”.


As a part of this year's digital media campaign, Britannia Marie Gold's digital agency Wunderman Thompson (JWT) partnered with the Tribal Box to showcase stories of last year's winners empowered by the brand and how the contest empowered them and changed their lives forever. Through these winner videos, season 2 of Britannia Marie Gold My Startup Contest is announced.



Kyunki Bahut Kuch Hai Karna Vijayeeni Sahoo

With the prize money of Rs.10 lakhs, Vijayeeni Sahoo started a tailoring boutique and training center where she follows her dreams of empowering other homemakers.

Kyunki Bahut Kuch Hai Karna Lalita Patil

From proud homemaker to proud businesswoman. With the prize money of Rs.10 lakhs, Lalita Patil took her first steps as an entrepreneur. By starting her very own restaurant.

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