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Client Brief

Given our penchant for real human-interest stories, this IPL season, Elements MediaWorks & Team RCB reached out to us to conceptualize and execute ‘My COVID Heroes’- a 16-part series consisting of stories of real COVID heroes.



The Aim

This campaign was RCB’s tribute to all the real heroes out there. The aim was to leverage the social media and showcase every such person as the real challenger across all platforms. Through these videos, Virat Kohli and team handed over the spotlight to the heroes and introduced them with the tagline – “We are the challengers aur hum har mushkil ko kehte hain Challenge Accepted”.



The Campaign

To acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of people who went out of their way to help and uplift the society during the global pandemic of COVID, RCB decided to bring their stories to light. TTB sourced out several such stories from all across India and suggested an 18-part mini series titled ‘A Tribute to the Real Challengers’ showcasing their individual heroic efforts.



The Series

In every episode, Team TTB went to a new state and region. Our team travelled from Assam to Odisha, from Maharashtra to Punjab, covering the lengths and breadths of the country, uncovering different problems faced by different people in COVID.The 1-minuter episodes tell the story of how each real challenger witnessed a unique COVID-related problem in their society, and took initiative to rise above the challenge and help the needy.

The initial response from early episodes was so strong that RCB decided to release the entire series on Hotstar. Click here to watch.

The Stories

Here are a few stories of people who spoke about their challenges and their persistence to help people:Shahnawaz Shaikh from Mumbai used the money from selling his car to provide oxygen cylinders to the suffering patients.

We are the challengers

Delhi engineers, Sagar and Prashant designed drones to disinfect several areas and contain the virus from above.

We are the challengers Delhi Engineers

The Result

RCB celebrated these COVID heroes in several ways. They donned special jerseys with the names of the 18 heroes. Various press releases were done, and the players themselves went on a live video chat with these real challengers to personally thank them. They supported the real heroes in ways that made them famous for their contribution to the society. Post this, many of our protagonists have been presented with various awards and donations, thus making their initiative a success.

The successful completion of RCB’s campaign ties back to The Tribal Box’s motto of supporting individuals who are never afraid of bringing valuable change to the society.





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