Spykke , 2020


TVCs / Brand Films
By Touchroot

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Client Brief

Spykke is a one of a kind on-the-go smartphone charging stations to meet the rising demand for convenient charging from their guests, customers and employees.The Spykke Charging Network adds a great convenience to India’s smartphone users.



 The communication strategy for the brand was ideated from the purpose of Spykke Charging Network as a convenient service for the smartphone users for India.We developed the tagline from one of the basic universal crisis situations faced that is a hope of one’s phone battery being charged in dire situation and the reality of it being on low battery startles us. Hence the tagline emerges from that worry - “Betrayed by battery? Get Spykked!”


Touchroot’s campaign with a series of three ads having relatable situations wherein the protagonist is trapped in a tight spot when the phone battery drains out at the wrong time. The simple yet effective problem-solution ads bring to the forefront the very real possibility of losing face in moments where you’re betrayed by your battery. So, get Spykked!


As a startup introducing a never-before-tried novel concept of power bank rental service in India, the communication demanded awareness building in a non preachy and exciting way. 



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