Client Brief

Ricky Kej’s epic album Shanti Samsara opened with the song Ganga dedicated to India’s holy river. The album was released at the climate change summit in Paris by PM Modi and French PM Hollande.


The music video starts in the Himalayas with slow-paced visuals matching the soothing music. As the music picks pace, the video navigates different terrains and culminates at a dizzying pace showcasing the diversity of the River.


The music video had to represent most aspects of the river in a short duration of 200 seconds.


The video in a short time showcases natural beauty, occupations, rituals, cities and people. The Touchroot crew led by filmmaker Sairam Sagiraju trekked the Himalayan heights and trailed the river till the Bay of Bengal


Film & Production

  1. Bengaluru




1-10 Employees

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