Rocky Dawuni, 2020


Music Videos
By Touchroot

Elevation Music Video

Client Brief

Grammy-nominated artist Rocky Dawuni released an album called Beats of Zion in 2019. The opening track of the album, 'Elevation' needed a befitting video.


With its message of championing the underdog, “Elevation” aims to depict global diversity in everyday life and spotlight the unsung heroes who are critical to making a difference in many communities and societies. It is a visual statement of aspiration and personal empowerment.


The time that the Touchroot crew had with Rocky was the drive from Bangalore to Goa where he had a concert to perform at.


 The visuals, filmed in India by director Sairam Sagiraju, utilized multiple locations along the route from Bangalore to Goa depicting India in diverse ways as a visual metaphor of inclusion and connectivity.


Rocky Dawuni

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