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Client Brief

Launch of a property at Shivaji Park with minimum amenities and a good price. TG was assumed to be those staying around the locality. 360 degree campaign was required.


The thought was of 'upgradation without moving away'. Nostalgia of Shivaji Park was played up with references made to the famous Bombay Scottish School, the iconic Shivaji Park, grandmom's home cooked Sunday lunch, etc.


ThinkTag approached the project differently. We delved into the nitty gritties of the TG in Shivaji Park area and played up the pride and nostalgia associated with the area. We worked on an outdoor campaign which was adapted into a digital campaign too. The print campaign drew from the same thought but had different execution & renditions of the thought.


The campaign was a huge success with the hoarding actually generating sales. Usually hoardings if they generate interest and convert to calls is supposed to be a big success, but hoardings converting into apartment sales was a direct measure of the success of the communication.

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