Client Brief

Go Biryan wanted Biryani to be for everyone, not just for the older generation. It was Biryani to be percieved as cool, young, a go-to food for various occasions and parties.


We concocted a story of how Biryani came into being through Birbal who appeased Akhbar when the latter was 'hangry'. The story worked, it caused chatter on social media, 5 years back which was quite a thing and then the brand name grew stronger. We moved away from Birbal to focus more on the brand itself and what it offers. The focus now is on a versatile menu and great quality.


We created a quirky take on biryani. Worked on all aspects of the brand launch - Menu, Store branding, In-side store Menu, On-line menus, Menus for each outlet, Leaflets, Ads - print, digital, Social media posts, Standee, Event creatives, Kiosk, Presentation template, Website elements, Flyers, Banners


The brand has been growing year on year, it has been 5 years of being part of their growth story as they grew from one outlet to 10.


Go Biryan

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