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Client Brief

Launch of a Small Business Financing company that would give loans to small businesses in urban areas without collaterals.


We came up with the logo with the g having 2 layers as if to show that this company helps you get a new path to sucess, a new turn which can change your business trajectory. The pop of orange colour added the touch of vibrancy brought in by the start-up with its vision to make a difference to SMBs and the blue reflected trust & integrity which the brand follows through its water-tight algorithm based disbursements.


We worked on 6-8 logo options, keeping in mind that it had to be very simple to understand and keep colours that go with financing companies and portray integrity, yet the logo needed a touch of a young company, a start-up led by young vibrant minds.

We then went onto make all other required collaterals for identity - visiting card, letterhead, envelope, pamphlet, brochure, identity cards, lanyards, Diwali greetings, etc.


Eventually the logo got interpreted to even a face of a Ganpati, and hence suapicious for the business. Someone actually painted a Ganpati with the 'g' of the logo. The logo has been much appreciated by the client.

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11-25 Employees

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