UpGrad, 2022

UpGrad - #AssNahiAssetBano

TVCs / Brand Films Digital Films
By The Yellow Shutter

The Yellow Shutter team had a lot of fun working on the latest video for upGrad's #AssNahiAssetBano campaign. Check it out!

Client Brief

The client wanted a kick-ass video that portrayed how people should be focusing on upskilling themselves rather than trying to please their boss.


Team TYS decided to show the different instances of ‘ass-kissing’ that happen during appraisal season and how upGrad users stand apart from the crowd during this season.


Using animations, the film showed a narrator finding ‘gadhas’ around the office during the appraisal season but is shocked when an upGrad user is focused on upskilling himself rather than pleasing his bosses.


The film received much praise from the industry as well as its users. The film was effective in showing the benefits of upskilling yourself to help boost your career.



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