Tata Health, 2021

Tata Health - Dry Hair | Didi Ki Nahi, Doctor Ki Suno - DVC | The Yellow Shutter

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By The Yellow Shutter

Dry hair? Try the Tata Health app instead. Here’s The Yellow Shutter’s #DidiKiNahiDoctorKiSuno campaign for Tata Health.

Client Brief

TATA Health wanted to alert users to only take medical advice for doctors and not try untested procedures on their bodies.


Dry Hair is often tackled with hair spas and keratin treatments as a solution. This temporary solution is not beneficial for the hair in the long run. Driving our message through the same example was the idea.


A woman seeking help from a ‘parlour aunty’ to get rid of the dry hair. The solution offered to her is a temporary diversion from the problem itself and not a proper solution.


Proved to be an eye-opener for all those who avoid real experts for self-declared experts.


Tata Health

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