Infinity Learn Sri Chaitanya , 2022

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Rohit Sharma opens up about his winning formula to ace competitive exams in this #JEETPakki campaign video done by The Yellow Shutter team for Infinity Learn. #TheYellowShutter #RohitSharma #InfinityLearn #VideoProduction #CreativeAgency #FilmMaking #ProductionHouse #ProductionAgency #Producers #IIT #JEE #CompetitiveExams

Client Brief

Infinity Learn wanted to focus on how they give the right coaching and tutoring, and how they stand out from the rest of the coaching centers.


Everyone gets hundreds of unsolicited pieces of advice from people around them. Right or not, people love giving advice! During such times, it is best remembered when one source gives you the right lessons and learning. The idea was to show Infinity Learn as that one source of advice and learning, whom we can always trust.


The Yellow Shutter conceptualized a video campaign called #JEETPakki, wrote the script for the ad film, finalized the casting, shot and edited the video in-house!


Viewers loved the parallel between cricket and studies- how both are seen as important in the Indian context. The storyline, along with Rohit Sharma as the protagonist, was able to grab people's attention to the video, thereby increasing the footfall for Infinity Learn.  


Infinity Learn Sri Chaitanya

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