Manipal Hospitals, 2022

Manipal Hospitals | #ShareHerSilence - Women's Day 2022 | The Yellow Shutter

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By The Yellow Shutter
Client Brief

Manipal Hospitals wanted to celebrate Women's Day and bring talks about 'Her' health issues to the light.


We see women around us caring about everyone's health, but rarely talking about their own. It's time we ask the women around us about their health.


Many of us stand without answers when we are asked about women's health conditions in our family or those around us. Seldom does a woman talk about her health issue. But the question is, do we even care to ask her about her issues? This video was conceptualized to bring this question to light.


The video was loved by the audience for its take on women's health and the silence around their health issues.


Manipal Hospitals

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