Manipal Hospitals, 2022

Manipal Hospitals | #CanConquerCancer | The Yellow Shutter

TVCs / Brand Films
By The Yellow Shutter
Client Brief

Manipal Hospitals wanted to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for World Blood Cancer Day. 


To spread awareness by showing how some signs of cancer can be very similar to what we experience in our daily lives. Indigestion, irregular periods, sudden weight loss, blisters, etc. may seem to be smaller problems, but root to complex diseases like cancer. 


The film was planned to be shot in an interview format, thereby increasing the relatability of the viewers with the characters in the video. The conceptualizing, scripting, shooting, and other post-production processes were carried out by The Yellow Shutter, in-house. 


Manipal Hospitals were successfully able to spread awareness and make an impact through this campaign. 


Manipal Hospitals

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