MamaEarth, 2022

Mamaearth - Every Act Of Goodness Finds A Beautiful Match

TVCs / Brand Films Digital Films
By The Yellow Shutter

The Yellow Shutter’s short clip for Mamaearth’s Valentine’s Week campaign #TrulyBeautifulME shows that our beauty is enhanced by our little acts of goodness.

Client Brief

On Valentine’s day, the client wanted to show how good deeds made a person more beautiful, to themselves and others.


The team ideated how they could show that every act of goodness enhances our beauty and came up with the idea of showing a person ‘swiping right’ on a person’s good deed.


There were a few executions conceptualized for this idea. For this short film, the team showed a person doing a good deed, gardening in this case, which turned out to be the in the profile of their dating profile. This action prompted the dating app user to ‘right swipe’ on them as they were attracted to the goodness.


The video was adored by Mamaearth’s consumers and the whole industry. This film motivated the consumers to increase their good deeds.



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