Futurense , 2022

Godfather of Talent - Upskill at ZERO Cost | Futurense Technologies | The Yellow Shutter

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By The Yellow Shutter
Client Brief

Futurense wanted to show how it can provide upskilling at zero cost. 


Talks about grades and jobs go unfinished unless compared with 'Sharmaji ka beta.' We wanted to show how upskilling will no more cost a penny, and an employee can upskill while earning! Everyone can excel like a Sharmaji ka beta with Futurense!


Directly communicating to those who want to upskill, but are worried about paying for it was the approach we were going for. With a scenario as common as comparing one's kid with the other's, we were able to reach the child in every Indian household, and tell them they could upskill and ear at the same time!


Students, fresh graduates, and employees became aware of the Zero cost Upskilling service by Futurense and flocked the company to avail the services! The video was also well received in the industry for its creative visual treatment. 



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