Futurense , 2022

Godfather of Talent - Be like Rahul | Futurense Technologies | The Yellow Shutter

TVCs / Brand Films
By The Yellow Shutter
Client Brief

Futurense wanted to market their services in job upskilling, post-job assistance, and much more in a quirky and witty way. 


Show a successful employee who has been performing tremendously at his job and helping the company in increasing its sales. When a colleague asks him about how he is doing it, he introduces her to Futurense, where we show the various services they provide.  


By increasing the relatability factor for the working population of the country, we showed them how futurense helps in upskilling and even pays them for it! 


The working population could relate to this video, and the video became well-known among those who were looking to upskill at their jobs to get better opportunities and salary hikes! 



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