Extra Marks, 2022

Extramarks | #MeriPehliTeacher - Happy Mother's Day | The Yellow Shutter

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By The Yellow Shutter
Client Brief

Extramarks wanted to celebrate Mother's Day and pay a tribute to mothers and their teachings.


A mother is the first teacher in everyone's life. From walking to eating, reading, and supporting oneself- a mother is present for her child through thick and thin. Every mother deserves respect and recognition for the huge role that she plays in her child's life.


Capturing every moment where the mother teaches her child, and making an emotional connect with the audience. Celebrating a mother, #MeriPehliTeacher.


The viewers were able to connect to the story and mothers praised the story for giving them the recognition they deserve! The video was well-received in the industry for its creative concept of connecting learning to mothers.


Extra Marks

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