Chola MS, 2021

Chola MS - Keemti Cheez - #SimpleHai | The Yellow Shutter

TVCs / Brand Films Digital Films
By The Yellow Shutter

The Yellow Shutter with Chola MS zero in on the little things we seldom keep safe but time and again we forget about our health. While you protect all your possessions, your health is the most important and Insurance should be a no brainer.

Client Brief

Urge people to protect their greatest wealth, their health! Show how insurance is of utmost importance when it comes to healthcare.


Instead of a typical advertisement that talks about insurance, link insurance to something relatable for the audience to remember and workaround.


Show the stereotypical housewife who hides all the expensive things in the most uncommon places of the house to keep it safe. She however is forgetting that her health is above all this wealth and she should protect that as well.


The approach to putting across the message fascinated the viewers into engaging with the advertisement.


Chola MS

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