Infinity Learn Sri Chaitanya , 2021

#SikhaaneWale - Teacher's Day 2021 DVC | Infinity learn | The Yellow Shutter

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By The Yellow Shutter

Our thought provoking video for Infinity Learn's Teacher's Day campaign #SikhaneWale. Kudos to all teachers who empower us by patiently adapting themselves to our unique grasping abilities.

Client Brief

Infinity Learn wanted to show that everybody can be a teacher and have an impact on the people.


Oftentimes, our house helps miscalculate the change they are supposed to receive when buying groceries. Instead of scolding them, we should teach them and help them learn. If the teacher is good, sooner or later the student will surely learn everything.


This Teacher’s Day, we showed the importance of a good #SikhaaneWale through this film.


The film had a positive reaction from the education industry. It not only showed the importance of teachers but urged people not to scold but rather teach people when they made mistakes.


Infinity Learn Sri Chaitanya

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