Client Brief

Create case study and summaries for Linkedin's B2B clients,  like upGrad, based on their ROI. This is a content marketing endeavour for Linkedin to showcase their effectiveness. 


upGrad adopted a two-fold approach on LinkedIn with an ‘always-on’ content marketing strategy at its core. The idea was to build brand upGrad in the industry but also deliver on their enrolment objective. 


We create case studies, case stories and videos as a part of the continuous marketing efforts. The links to the case studies can be accessed here:

Link to the upGrad case study landing page:



Zycus case study LP:




A combination of the right platform, a strategic approach and finding a responsive target audience has helped upGrad unlock their marketing goals on LinkedIn. 

  • 56% increase in unique visitors to upGrad’s LinkedIn page 
  • 87% increase in organic following in just 60 days
  • 2.3X lift in brand mentions on LinkedIn
  • 20% decrease in cost-per-lead
  • 2X improvement in the lead-to-enrolment numbers


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